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Sporting Events 2017-18  (Beyond 2 hour curriculum time per week)

  • Year 6, Sportshall Athletics

  • Year 3 Tag Rugby competition at Carlisle Rugby club

  • Year3,4,5,6 CSSA City Cross Country Event

  • Yr3,4 CSSA Bob Simons Football Event

  • Year5,6 RFU ‘Tag to Twickenham’ Rugby Event

  • Yr5,6 Tri Golf Events

  • Yr5,6 Kwik Cricket Event

  • Yr5,6 Girls Kwik Cricket Event

  • Yr3,4,5,6 CSSA Track and Field Athletics

  • Yr5,6 CSSA Rounders Event

  • Entry into Orienteering Events, open to all.

Tag Rugby Team