A Guide to Health and Wellbeing

A guide to Health and Wellbeing at St Bede’s RC Primary School, Carlisle.

This document is to stand alongside our existing personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSCHE) policy.







  • Introduction,


  • Spiritual Wellbeing – A life in Christ.


  • Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical wellbeing


  • Planning for Choices and Changes


  • Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport


  • Food and Health


  • Specific Issues


  • Getting involved.


  • Getting active.








Health and Wellbeing at St Bede’s RC Primary School aims to encourage all pupils to explore their beliefs, attitudes and values, develop personal and interpersonal skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of a range of health issues.


Health and Wellbeing is not the responsibility of any one teacher or subject but is best addressed through contributions from a range of teachers in a number of curricular areas in line with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’.


Health and Wellbeing is concerned with the development of life skills. Through these life skills pupils should learn to make formal choices taking account of the outcomes and experiences covered in the following areas:


  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical wellbeing
  • Planning for Choices and Changes
  • Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport
  • Food and Health


From providing guidance on healthy eating, providing opportunities for sport through to developing our links with St Bede’s and St Edmund’s Churches and our local communities, this school is committed to the health and wellbeing of everyone here and we will work together with parents and the local community to enable pupils to make healthy informed choices.








Spiritual Wellbeing – A life in Christ.


The spiritual wellbeing of our children is crucial and we place St Bede’s and St Edmund’s Churches at the centre of our school community.  Throughout the school year we maintain and develop these links within school hours with regular school and class masses, liturgies and worships and out of school we actively promote key Sacraments in our children’s lives such as Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confession and Confirmation. 

In addition, every week all our children have the opportunity to meet with Farther Jim during his weekly drop-in sessions.




Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical wellbeing


We aim to provide opportunities that allow our children to make a positive contribution to our school. This is done through PSHE within the curriculum, an effective School Council, and a range of extra-curricular activities to support physical and emotional wellbeing.  In Key Stage 1, this will be done through circle time and drama.


Through the curriculum, staff will:

  • Help pupils to acquire the relevant knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it works and of the social and emotional factors that influence health.
  • Encourage pupils to make informed choices and take appropriate decisions that help to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  • Foster links between school, home and community so that all are involved in a collective responsibility for promoting good health.


By taking responsibility for Health and Wellbeing pupils will:

  • Explore physical factors in relation to health and looking after ourselves
  • Explore emotions, feelings and relationships and how they affect mental wellbeing
  • Explore the interaction of the individual, community and the environment in relation to health and personal safety.



Planning for Choices and Changes


Our children are encouraged to make their own positive choices within our school and to promote change.  We do this through the School Council.


Each KS2 class will hold elections each year to choose their own representatives; a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and a Secretary.  The School Council will meet regularly to discuss matters of interest within the school.  They will be supported by a member of the teaching staff (PSHE co-ordinator) and a member of the school governors.


Each class representative is responsible for raising issues raised by children within their class and feeding back the final decisions of the Council.









Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport


Physical Education is provided for within the Curriculum and each class will have access to at least two sessions per week.


In addition to this, we aim to provide extra-curricular activities to promote and support Physical Education.


Our children are also given the opportunity to engage in inter-house and inter-school sporting competitions.




Food and Health


St Bede’s RC Primary School is a Healthy Eating school.  As such, we aim to provide a healthy and balanced school meal and to provide guidance for packed lunches.  The school meal choices are decided upon by our School Council, ensuring our children have a role in the decision making process.


We promote healthy choices by providing our KS1 children with a piece of fruit for morning snack and encouraging our KS2 children to do the same. 




Specific Issues


Within the wider context of taking responsibility for health lies the need to ensure that appropriate structure and coherent learning experiences are provided by the school.

The issues below form an integral part of our school’s Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes. These issues will be dealt with in an appropriate and sensitive manner with the support of qualified external experts and following consultation with parents.


  • Anti-Bullying
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Drugs Education




Getting involved.


We welcome and encourage all parents to join in with school life and offer numerous opportunities for you to get involved.  Information and invitations will be shared with parents on the weekly newsletter, via letters from Class teachers and also through our Health and Wellbeing section on our school website.  We currently offer parent drop-in sessions where you can meet with other parents, specially invited health care professionals or find out more about what is going on in school.  The school nurse and local police support officer will be in attendance for at least one session per month.  Also, we have regular contact with the local Sure Start group and Sunbeams, aimed specifically at Year 1 and Reception.


Our school also benefits from an excellent Parent Teacher Association (PTA) who organise events throughout the school year.


Getting active.


We aim to provide a range of activities to run in conjunction with our Health and Wellbeing programme. 


To find out more about some of the extra-curricular opportunities we offer here at St Bede’s and to see our children in action, please follow the following links;



Inter-school Competitions 2013/2014


  • Inter- School Cross Country,
  • Carlisle Schools tag rugby at Carlisle Rugby Club.
  • Y5/6 girls cricket competition.





If you would like to take an active role within our school, please get in touch.  We are always extremely grateful for any support whether it is listening to our children read, accompanying a school trip or helping to organise school events.  Any support benefits all our children.


If you would like further information on anything you have read in this guide, please contact Mr Oliver (Year 3 teacher) or if you are able to help in any way, find out how through your child’s class teacher.