Welcome from the Chair of the Governing Body

Welcome to the parents of the children who have accepted or are considering accepting places at this splendid school. I think that you are making an excellent choice.

I am proud as Chair of Governors to lead such a fantastic and over-subscribed school. The children who come to this school are welcomed into a happy, secure and Christian environment where they can feel safe and where they are encouraged to be creative, to be healthy and to achieve and make a positive contribution. It is integral to our mission as a Catholic school to actively promote the worship of God throughout the school both individually and collectively.

My fellow Governors and I, led by a dedicated and caring leadership team and staff at the school are honoured to be involved in this great school. The children who come to this school, we believe, leave the school with happy memories and equipped to face the future with confidence.

Thank you again for choosing or considering our school.

Grant Denny.

Chair of Governors.

Finance/Premises:                G Denny

                                                L McMillan

                                                J Riddle

                                                L Shepherd (co-opted Chair))

Staffing:                                   L McMillan

                                                 F Winter

                                                G Denny (Chair)

                                                C Ferguson ( Vice Chair)


Curriculum/ monitoring        L McMillan

And evaluation:                     G Denny

                                                C Ferguson (Chair)

                                                T Heath

F Winter

Admissions:                            L McMillan

                                                G Denny (Chair)

                                                C Ferguson ( Vice Chair)

                                                J Riddle


Appeals:                                  G Denny

                                                 T Heath

Buildings/ Health and

safety:                                    L McMillan

G Denny (Chair)

A. Langford

1. Staffing Committee


This committee deals with all personnel matters

relating to the school including formulating and

agreeing HR policies. This Committee also appoints

all the staff who work at the school.



2. Finance and Premises Committee


This committee deals with all the finance relating to

the school including formulation and managing and

monitoring the school budget.



3. Standards and Curriculum Committee


This committee monitors the school curriculum

including analysing the pupil attainment in the school.


4. Health and Safety Committee


This committee is responsible for managing health

and safety in school ensuring that all the children

and staff are safe.