Mrs L McMillan

Head Teacher


Mrs J Palmer - Secretary

Mrs S Connolly - Clerk to the governors


Year 1

Ms S Weir

Mrs A Read - Senior assistant

Mrs A Todhunter - Senior teaching assistant


Year 4

Ms R Doran - Y4 teacher

Ms R Devlin - Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs P McGlasson - senior teaching assistant

Ms F Wilson - apprentice

Mrs H McMillan - senior teaching assistant


Kitchen Staff

Wendy - cook

Adele - Kitchen Operative 

Susan - midday supervisor



Mrs F Winter

Deputy Head Teacher/ SENCO


Ms A Henry - Reception teacher/ EYFS Lead

Mrs H Hanking - HLTA

Ms K Keal - teaching assistant

Mrs L Queen - Senior teaching assistant

Ms N Bulfield - apprentice

Year 2

Mrs K Glaister

Key stage 1 co-ordinator/Y2 teacher

Mrs C Routledge - Y2 teacher

Mrs L Abba -  Senior teaching assistant

Mrs K Frances -  PPA teacher/ PE co-ordinator

Year 6

Mr C Johnson - Y6 teacher

Mrs E Howe - senior teaching assistant

Mr Jordan Reid - Caretaker

Alison - midday supervisor

Iwona - midday supervisor





Mrs C Noble - Nursery Teacher

Mrs V Johnston  - Senior teaching assistant

Miss L Richardson - Apprentice

Ms E Metcalfe - Senior teaching assistant


Year 3

Mrs L Gibson -  Y3 teacher

Mrs T Ferguson - Senior Teaching assistant


Year 5

Mr M Oliver - Y5 teacher

Mrs T Manchester - senior teaching assistant

Mrs Pearson - Senior teaching assistant

Mrs R Rothery - Senior teaching assistant

Louise - midday supervisor

Aileen - midday supervisor

Kelly - midday supervisor

Nichola - midday supervisor