2018 - 2019


Development Area/Activity

Pupil’s attainment focus: To improve attendance through physical activity and a greater sense of mental well-being.

Term/Year Group

Impact 2018-19

Multi Sports-Sports Plus

Wake & Shake club, lunchtime activities, after school club and curriculum sessions.

Summer Term 2018, throughout the school.

A sustainable change will continue to be created by staff being involved in the delivery and assessment of lessons.  Children will gain an earlier understanding of health and how physical activity impacts on them.  All children are included in these sessions.


Muddy Boots Walking Club (Equipment)

April-October each year,


Children have a rota system for attending the club each Wednesday evening.  Staff take children on a minibus to various locations to enjoy a walk and have their tea with the sunset in the Lake District. 



Summer 2018,

Year 6

Year 6 have the opportunity to catch up on their swimming skills during the summer term.  More children leave being able to swim 25m.


Network Meetings

(Supply cover)

Each term, Subject Leader

Carlisle and district network meetings, Active Cumbria.  An excellent opportunity to have national updates, and a Cumbrian update on P.E.  Opportunities to share good practice.


Sports Day-Supported by the SPAA staff, on site

July 2018,

Whole School

Reception-Yr6 involved, Outdoor track and field events. Competitive and Sports trophy awarded to the winning house group. Parents invited to share the day.


Sports Assembly-Trophies, Cup and engraving, shields.

July 2018,

Whole School

A whole school recognition assembly of how important physical activity and healthy choices are to us.  Certificates and special mentions for all sporting competitions/participation, and recognition of the Gardening club and the Little Chefs club.



Summer 2018

Year 2


All of year 2 receive a swimming session each week of each term.  An increase in children swimming the desired distance is increasing due to the increased amount of time they spend in the pool during the year.



Summer 2018,

Year 6

Year 6 have the opportunity to catch up on their swimming skills during the summer term.  More children leave being able to swim 25m.

Swim 25m 46%

Range of strokes 62%

Basic lifesaving skills 46%



Autumn 2018

Both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds are now marked to encourage physical activity at break times.  Painted trails for jumping, hopping, skipping and moving in different directions.

CUFC-Community Sports Trust

1 day per week, Friday-All year

Autumn 2018, Spring/Summer 2019

Nursery through to year 6.


Each key stage alternates between curriculum lessons and an after school club, on a half termly basis.  Breakfast club and Lunch club also included each Friday.

Community coaches deliver high quality PE lessons, which all children and staff are involved in. 

Gym mats and repairs


Autumn 2018

Ongoing improvements to resources for curriculum gymnastics.

Yoga Cards-Resources




Teachers can carry on with the yoga (introduced by an outside provider) following the cards, to keep children mindful and relaxed in a PE session.

Therapeutic Treehouse


Spring, Summer 2019.

Year 5 & 6

This practice educates our children with lifelong strategies they can use every day.  It especially benefits the children who are living with worry, stress, anxiety which can result in varying behaviour in school and home.  The yoga has built resilience, stamina, strength, focus and concentration.  It has helped with strategies for exam stress and assisted with hypermobility in some children.  As well as the mental health benefits, the yoga has helped with flexibility and core strength for balance in all sports.

Stockswood Forest School

June/July 2019

Whole school

An outdoor experience for every child in school from Reception to Year 6.  Pond dipping, shelter building, archery, bush craft skills, marshmallow toasting, fire lighting, camp fire singing-all of which the majority of our children wouldn’t experience otherwise.

Relax Kids Training for all new Teaching Assistants in school.


September 2019, 2 full day sessions.


All children in school are experiencing Relax Kids sessions, 1-2 times per week, led in class by the class TA. Stretching, breathing, positive thinking, massage and relaxation sessions.


KS1 children have a set time for walking, KS2 children push for the mile. 2-3 times per week.  This is building up the children’s core strength to enable them to sit up properly.





Future Spending Plans


Outdoor Forest School area in the school grounds.  All classes to make return visits to Stockswood Forest School.


Enhance playtime activity with resources.


Year six to have swimming lessons twice in the year-Autumn block (2019) and a Summer block (2020)


CUFC Community coach to work in school throughout the year, to continue staff CPD and drive assessment.

Attendance on the FA Primary Teacher’s Award-whole staff CPD.


Continued replacement of Gym equipment.

Resource/equipment audit to encourage new sporting opportunities.


U-Dance Festival April 2020, year 3

30 children participated in a series of dance sessions in curriculum time, which culminates in participating in the U-Dance festival at The Sands Centre.  Huge interest is being sparked in Dance!





Sport Premium Funding


Sport Premium Spreadsheet