Year 3 SPRING Term Planning 2020

Our Spring term is always a busy and exciting one, as we have U Dance at the Sands Centre for Year Three! Here is what we are planning to do...

In English, we will be using Talk for Writing approaches to develop our writing.  We will share high quality texts to engage the children with the reading and the writing of the text.  We will produce written work based around 'Elf Road' written by Pie Corbett, and 'The Secret of Platform 13', written by Eva Ibbotson  We will explore portal stories with a warning, as our fiction genre.  New texts will also be introduced to the class, but will be revealed as secrets... 

In non-fiction we will look at information writing, focusing on non-chronological reports.  We will use the Talk for Writing approach to share another Pie Corbett text, a non-chronological report about 'Unicorns.'  The children will use this text and a range of activities to build up to writing a class report together and then their own non-chronological report.  We will also use practise our report writing as part of our Science topic.

In Reading workshop, we will look at fiction and non fiction texts, and the use of comprehension skills during discussion.  We will carry out reading tasks, and have time to read our book band books for enjoyment.  We will also have Reading for Enjoyment time when we can read our mobile library books our stories which we are busy reading at home.  We will have 'Book Talk' sessions to share our experiences and opinions of books which we have recently read.  We will visit our local library during the term, to ensure that everyone is a member with a library card, and follow up our visit in the summer term to the city library, where we can all sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge.

Our work in Spelling will continue as we use our Read, Write Inc practice books and spelling logs. We will also be making sure we can spell our Y1 and Y2 words, whilst continuing to learn spellings from the Year 3 and Year 4 word list.

We will complete our daily maths tasks, and focus on times tables this term.  Children will bring the times table home as we focus on it in class, so that they can consolidate their learning at home.  We will reinforce the 3 and 4 multiplication tables, and begin to recall and use the 8 and 6 multiplication table.  We are also excited to have Times Table Rockstars to help our quick recall.  Please practise as much as you can, regularly at home.  Login details were sent home before Christmas, any problems, please come in and see us.


In our Maths lessons we will become increasingly fluent with multiplication and division. We will recap our understanding of recognising, making and adding equal groups.  We will then use our knowledge to use concrete and pictorial methods to solve questions and problems involving multiplying and dividing by 3, 4 and 8. 


We will continue to work on our addition and subtraction this term, adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers. We will look at mental strategies and formal methods of column addition and subtraction.

In measurement, we will look at length.  The children will look at the relationship between m and cm and also mm and cm.  They will measure, compare, add and subtract lengths and also learn how to measure and calculate the perimeter.

Remember to continue to practise Mathletics regularly at home, it really does help you. 


Our first RE topic will be 'Listening and Sharing' where we will explore how we listen and share with one another and how when we go to Mass, we listen to the Word of God and share in Holy Communion.  We will look closely at the different parts of the Mass.

Our Lent topic will be 'Giving All.' We will explore how people give themselves to others today and we will look closely at Lent and Holy Week, as a time to remember the total giving of Jesus. 

In Science we will be looking at animals, including humans.  We will be constructing and interpreting food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey. 

We will also focus on 'Health and Movement.'  We will look at the different types of teeth in humans and also learn about the digestive system. 

Our topic this term will have us finding out The Iron Age.  As a historian we will learn about what the Iron age was, and how this developed from the Bronze Age.  We will sequence periods. We will identify key dates during this time period, and explain who used Iron during this time, and why Iron was used.


In Art, we will make links to our History topic and create cave paintings.  We will use pastel, charcoal and paint.  We will also study pattern, including the use of printing as a media.

In Computing, we will be introducing Data by carrying out research and creating a database.  We will also complete a unit of work on E-Safety.

In PSHE, we will consider our Health and Wellbeing, specifically looking at keeping safe.  Children will also think about relationships, and the links to their feelings and emotions.  We will use PSHE themed comprehension tasks in Reading workshop.  Relax Kids will also be an integral part of life in Year 3. 

We will have a series of PE lessons delivered by a Community Coach from CUFC, focusing on Gymnastics during the second half term.  We will also work on Dance to build up to our participation in U Dance before Easter.  We will be sharing, discussing and trying out our own ideas, together as a class, to help create a dance piece, to perform to a large audience at the Sands Centre.  Exciting!

Extra-Curricular activities will be offered to Year 3.  Keep an eye on the weekly newsletter for more information.  Lego and homework club are run on a drop in basis.  Gymnastics will be offered during the second half term, after school on a Friday.