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Useful Websites


Please have a look at the suggestions below for some ideas for websites and apps for your ipads... – the main maths website the children use in school. Challenge people from around the world. Great for mental maths – your child will be an expert in no time! Zone - lots of fun online interactive activities to help with improving mental maths skills: aimed at 7 -11 year olds. - games to play age 4 upwards, often updated with new, fun activities. has lots of ideas and games to play. Mathematically inclined parents might be challenged by ‘Who Wants to be a Mathionnaire?’! - hundreds of games for children from 5 to 11, arranged according to objectives for all strands of maths problems – more complex maths games and puzzles for ‘deeper thinkers’ with different levels of challenge. Answers supplied!

An online monthly magazine with lots of maths puzzles and problems to solve. Different levels of challenge along with puzzles and problem-solving actitivies. - general resources and games to support children to develop their mental maths skills, plus hundreds of fun games to support learning in the mathematical areas of: Numbers and the Number System, Calculations, Solving Problems, Measures, Shape & Space and Handling Data. – a wide range of maths activities organised by year group




Maths apps for Ipad


MeteorMath - Mental maths calculations. Choose the operation or ‘survival’ mode with all 4. Gets progressively more difficult but cannot set difficulty at the start. Free app.

King of Maths - Mental maths calculations. Create a character and log in to progress through levels. All 4 operations gets progressively harder. Free initial app (addition and subtraction) then pay for new levels.

Hungry Fish - Feed the fish with pairs of numbers. Select the level of difficulty. Free initial app (addition) then pay for new levels. Pause it to change difficulty level.

Geoboard - A digital version of the ‘traditional’ classroom resource. Great for lines of symmetry, reflections and shape work. Large and small square grids.

Subtraction - Robot themed game for practicing subtraction. Practice or Test modes. Great for number bonds to 10, 20, 50 and 100. Lots of options including multiple choice, range of questions and number of questions in a level.

Tables - As above but multiplication. Lots of options and excellent for targeting the ones they have to practice.

Achieving level 4 mathematics - Questions cover all areas of maths curriculum. Good to recommend as a revision aid for children at home. Costs £2.99

Fractions - American – ‘Fourths’ not quarters! Good for numerator and denominator, equivalents, improper and mixed numbers, Adding and multiplying. Nice and visual.

Springbird - Basic addition and subtraction. KS1 focussed.

Educreations - Digital whiteboard that records explanations for playback– sounds and writing/images. Great for getting children to explain methods. Takes a short while to get your head around but children find it easy!

mathBingo (green icon) - Great app for up to 4 players practising calculation. Easy to set difficulty.

Math Bingo (orange icon) - Bingo for 1 player. Children love collecting the bugs.

Motion Math - Excellent ‘tilt screen’ app for fractions, decimals and percentages. There are more excellent motion maths games available.