Thank you to the wonderful Playground Leaders who have entertained and kept our playgrounds active this year.

Playground Leaders

For more information about;

  • What are playground leaders
  • What is their role and future goals for our school
  • Training Programme  (photographs of children in training)
  • How you can help support our goals

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Meet the Playground Leaders

Why do you want to be a playground leader?

"I would love to help improve confidence in younger children, get them making new relationships and get them active. I can make our playgrounds a better place."

Christian Year 5

"I would like to experiment and try something new. I also want to improve our playgrounds."

Ernest Year 5

"..being in the middle of a large family means that I have to make up a lot of games so that the little ones are happy. I also know that they get bored quickly so I can make games up. I want all children to be active and happy."

Tamara Year 6

"I would like to do Playground Buddies because I love making people smile. I am also very energetic."

Kelis Year 6

"I like making new friends and playing games."

Esme Year 5

"I'd like to do this because I want to make other children who are shy more confident. I want to make some children play more games and I'd like to make them happy."

Shaun Year 6

"I like playing games at playtimes."

Julia Year 5

"I would like to experience something new and make new friends."

Rebecca Year 5

"I am very active and full of energy. I will work hard and I am quite experienced with younger children too."

Hope Year 5

"I want all children to have a wonderful playtime- I feel I can make this happen. I am very active."

Demileigh Year 5

"I can help the children who often play alone. I want to make others smile."

Victoria Year 5

"I communicate with children very well and I would like to give this job a go."

Oliwier Year 5

"I'd like to make more friends."

Jay Year 5

"I want to experience new games with new people."

Emmie Year 5

"I want to make all children happy and not let them feel left out."

Mercedes Year 5


Playground Leaders in training...

Our training takes place on a 2 year cycle.

List of games and ideas


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Next meeting agenda:

  •  Recruiting new leaders!