Playground Leaders

For more information about;

  • What are playground leaders
  • What is their role and future goals for our school
  • Training Programme  (photographs of children in training)
  • How you can help support our goals

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Meet the Playground Leaders

Playground Leaders in training...

List of games and ideas


Latest News:



We are in the middle of recruiting new playground buddies to our existing team. We are going to create a new timetable and new groups. Photographs of our new team members will be uploaded soon. Keep an eye out!

Children have been doing so well with their duties- some children are on their way to receiving their first 'bronze' certificate for following out their duties.


The children have now completed their training led by Vanessa Foster and have earned their playground leader certificates.

A timetable has been set up and the playground buddies are now required to put their training to use in both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds during breaks and lunchtimes.



Next meeting: March 2017. Agenda: welcoming our new team members, photographs for website, new groups, new timetable.