Congratulations to Lucy who is our Mathlete of the week!!! Well done Lucy :)


 Year 4 trip to Stocks Wood Forest School, Rosley

We had the most fantastic time at the forest school at Rosley; toasting marshmallows, bug hunting, pond dipping, building dens, creating cocktails in the mud kitchen or simply chillin' in the hammocks.


Many thanks to Julien and Claire for making the day go so smoothly and being the perfect hosts.  


Have a look for yourselves....


KPI's for Numeracy

KPI's for Writing

KPI's for Reading






 Family: People


Belonging: Called

Advent / Christmas - loving:gift



Giving and recieving



Pentecost - New life


Building bridges

God's people





States of matter - Solids, liquids and gases 


Forces and magnetism


Living Things and their Habitats

 Living Things and their Habitats



E-Safety Unit

Multi-media - Create a Comic


(Mathletics all year)



E-Safety Unit

Word processsing


E-Safety Unit






+ Relax kids(all year)


Tag Rugby / Dance - The Haka

Tag Rugby / Dance















Summer term 2017/18



Dates for your diaries;

18th May -  Year 4 class mass at Church,

12th June - Year 4 Worship Assembly,

26th June - Trip to Finlandrigg nature reserve - Habitats. 



In year 4 this term we will be having a close look at Rainforests.  Where are they and what are they like to live in?  The children will be using this topic to help with a lot of our work in class including examining the work of artist Henri Rousseau and creating Aboriginal dot paintings. It also links with our Science topic on habitats.



Centred around our topic work, the children will be using their research and non-fiction writing skills to create fact files on the animals and habitats of the Rainforests.  We will be exploring the lives of the people who live there, comparing them to our own.  It gives us lots of opportunities to expand our rich vocabulary through the use of our senses to describe what the forests look like, sound like, feel like and even taste like!  We will also be discussing the use of resources from the forest and preparing arguments for and against.

Our main text this term will be ‘The Iron Man’. This is a fantastic text with lots of opportunities for writing, especially letters and also poetry and discussing characters and settings.

In addition to our main topics, we will pay particular attention again to spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG).  As such, there will be spelling homework each week to practice and learn.  Please help your child by practising their spellings at home, ready for our tests on Mondays.  This term we will continue our work with determiners and adverbials.



In numeracy this term, we will be reviewing what we have learned so far and practising our skills.  Again this will be done in conjunction with times tables, with a particular focus on the 6x and 7x tables and Mathletics.  By the end of Year 4, the children will be expected to know ALL of their times tables up to 12 x 12.  This is really tricky and needs lots of practise so any help you can give them at home would be fantastic.  We will have our Big Maths tests at the end of each week to see how we are improving, ask your child if they beat their score on a Friday!

Fractions and decimals play a big part in our work, especially during the first half term and we will spend time understanding numbers to two decimal places and relating these to fractions and putting them in order from smallest to largest.

One of the areas of measurement we touched on in Spring which we will revisit is the measurement of time; how many minutes in an hour? Days in a week? We will also be looking at telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes using both an analogue and digital clock.  The children find this tricky and need practise so anything they can do to practise at home will be a big help for them.

Finally, we will be solving word problems based upon our learning so far.  To do this we will be practising our estimation skills and seeing if there are ways we can improve how we estimate numbers of objects.

Please remember to use Mathletics at home.  All our topics are on there and the children can work away at their own pace and we can review their progress in school.


In Science we will start off by looking at electricity. How is it generated and how is it used?  We will look at electrical circuits and make our own circuits in school.  This obviously ties in with safety and we will look at how we can stay safe around electricity.

Our second topics is on habitats, linking them to our topic on the rainforest.  The children will have the chance to create their own rainforest in a bottle, seeing how the different layers of the forest are made up.  We are also planning a trip out to Finlandrigg to see a local habitat and compare this with our tropical work.  We also include food chains and hunt out the main predators in the forest!


This term will start with us finishing our work on Easter where we have been looking at self-discipline and moving onto Pentecost, looking at the topics of New Life, Building bridges, God's people and also taking a look at a different faith which for Year 4 is Sikhism.

In New Life, we look at Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.  God calls us on a mission and we look at the life, journey and letters of St Paul - Where did he go and what messages did he pass on to the people?

We will also be looking at sin and reconciliation in our topic on building bridges.  What is sin?  What is reconciliation?  The children will examine these and make links to their own lives and have the opportunity to share in a Reconciliation Service with Year 3.


In PE we will be doing some cricket and athletics.  We will be outside (weather permitting!!) so please ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor kit for Tuesday and Thursday. 

Please note that if the boys are getting changed and playing football at lunchtime they need a separate kit and are not allowed to use their outdoor PE kit. 

Dates for your diaries;

23rd Feb               - Year 4 Class Mass.

6th March            - Year 4 Worship Assembly at 2.50pm


As you can see we have a lot to pack into this term.  It should be fun and I’m really looking forward to setting up our own museum!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in and see either myself or Mrs McGlasson.