School Council Team (2017-2018)



Year 6- Chairperson- Shaun

             Secretary- Brodie

             Vice-Chairperson-  Kelis

Year 5- Chairperson- Demileigh 

             Secretary- Christian

             Vice-Chairperson- Oliwier

Year 4- Chairperson- Nathaniel

             Secretary- Ruby

             Vice-Chairperson- Alivia 

Year 3- Chairperson- Brooke

             Secretary- Claudia

         Vice- Chairperson- Freddie

Why did you want to be part of St Bede's School Council?


"To show the school I am a good person and to be included. I have good ideas." - Brodie

"I'd like to be part because I'd like to help our school to be a better place." - Shaun

"I wanted to be vice-chairperson so I can represent our school and to help others." - Kelis

"I wanted to be a part of the team because I am a good presenter and a good role model." - Oliwier

"I wanted to be part of St.Bede's school council because I'm a good role model and I have good handwriting to make notes in the secretary's book." - Christian.

"I want to take care of our school. I am good at presentations too." - Demileigh

"I wanted to be part of the school council because I think I am a responsible person." - Nathaniel.

"I can multi task and I love making important decisions." - Ruby.

"I feel like I am responsible and I am good at speaking in front of people." - Alivia.

"I wanted to be vice-chairperson so I can help people and the school. " - Freddie.

"I am a good listener and I am good at writing. That's why I wanted to be a secretary." - Claudia.

"I am a good role model and a good leader. I am also a good listener." - Brooke.

Latest Update:

 Miss Stevenson, one of the Governors who will be attending our school council meetings regularly.


Sugar Smart Launch:

After our very successful Sugar Smart presentation at the Civic Centre we are now planning a Sugar Smart launch in our school. We hope this helps bring awareness to the effects of sugar to our health. We have come up with some ideas for the big launch and we are awaiting a date for 'St Bede's to go Sugar Smart.'


Health and Safety Audit

Our new Health and Safety Audit for our School has been created. This summer term we will organise a team of representatives to complete a Health and Safety Audit for the school. The data and evidence collected will be fed back to Mrs.McMillan.




Upcoming events:

 . Organising playground equipment. Rotation of playground toys for Summer term.