School Council Team (2016-2017)




Year 6- Chairperson- Owen

             Secretary- Naomie

             Vice-Chairperson-  Jasmine

Year 5- Chairperson- James

             Secretary- Alex

             Vice-Chairperson- Amelia

Year 4- Chairperson- Charlie

             Secretary- Ernest

             Vice-Chairperson- Demileigh

Year 3- Chairperson- Nathaniel

             Secretary- Demi

         Vice- Chairperson- Ruby

Why did you want to be part of St Bede's School Council?

"because I like writing and I am caring."

Demi- Secretary. Year 3.

"I like to give ideas to everybody."

James- Chairperson. Year 5.

"I wanted to be in the school council because I've never been in it before and I would love to have the responsibility."

Owen- Chairperson. Year 6.

"I am good at listening to others ideas."

Demileigh- Vice-Chairperson. Year 4.

"I am interested to see what happens in the school council. I am not ready to take the big lead but a step down from it, I am happy with that."

Ruby- Vice-Chairperson. Year 3.

"I want to make the children happy by gathering ideas and making the school a better place."

Jasmine- Vice- Chairperson. Year 6.

"I have lots of creative ideas!"

Naomie- Secretary. Year 6.

Latest Update:

Our Health and Safety team have recently passed on their findings from our health and safety audit to one of our Governors, Mr Steel.

There are a few areas within our school grounds that we wish to improve further.

In our class council meetings we have discussed areas within our school grounds that the pupils would like to be improved and reasons why.

We are in the process of thinking about possible fundraising events in order to  raise money to improve these areas.

We were introduced to Miss Stevenson, one of the Governors who will be attending our school council meetings regularly.

Civic Centre Presentation. 3rd November 2016. "What would you do to help make Carlisle a healthier place?"


We took part in the Carlisle and district school council meeting at the Civic Centre on Thursday 3rd November. The Year 6 school council reps delivered the presentation. All reps had an input into the presentation and had fantastic and creative ideas. We were asked to think "what would you do to help make Carlisle a healthier place?" Well done St.Bede's School Council.


(photographs coming soon)

October- We introduced ourselves and discussed our job roles.

Were given a map of the school grounds and we were asked to mark on the map the 'hot' and 'grot' spots. We had to give reasons for the areas we think are good and the areas in and around our school that could do with change and improvement. We will carry this on in our class council meetings to see if any patterns occur.


Next meeting: date to be confirmed.