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Leavers' Hoodies have arrived ...

We made monsters out of rubbish found in the River Eden

Year 6 visited the Jewish Living Experience Exhibition at Tullie House and learnt a lot about what life is like for Jewish people.

Year 6 enjoying cricket coaching with Fraser after the SATs.

Rebel and his owner David Morton visited us to talk about Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We visited Tullie House to learn about life as an Evacuee during WW2 in Carlisle.

Year 6 visited the Magistrates Court

Year 6 Yearly Overview










 Domestic Church-

Family: loving



Belonging: vocation and commitment.

Advent/Christmas -

loving: expectations.

Local Church -


Eucharist - relating:unity


Lent/Easter -

giving: death and new life

Pentecost- serving:witnesses

Reconciliation - interrelating :healing

Universal Church - world: common good.

Judaism - Yom Kippur







Evolution and Inheritance


Bright Sparks Day



Properties and Changes of Materials


Life Cycles



Human and physical study of Greece

Climate zone and mountains. Types of settlement and land use. Europe countries and cities.

Europe - countries/cities

United Kingdom - cities bombs

Areas evacuated to.






Ancient Greece




Evacuees in Cumbria

    The Holocaust

Anne Frank




E- safety

X- curricular work – Research and producing Word Documents.

E- safety

X- curricular work – Research and producing Word Documents.


 E- safety

X- curricular work – Research and producing Word Documents.

E- safety

X- curricular work – Research and producing Word Documents.



Artist Study

Van Gogh

Mixing Paints


 Dolphin Fresco



 London Bomb Scenes


Poppy collages


 The work of Picasso and L.S.Lowry


D & T





 Make soup to WW2 recipe





Indoor Athletics

Ultimate Frisbee



 Tri Golf




     Kwik Cricket

Running for fitness







 Democracy - How it started In Greece.

Democracy now.

Work of WWF and other charities.


 The Holocaust

The United Nations - peacekeeping 

 Sex education

 Welcome back after the Easter holidays. This half term is SATs half term for Year 6. The exams are in the week commencing 14th May and the children have all been working very hard to be well prepared to do their best. We are as a school very proud of the hard work and progress each child has made since September. A letter with more detailed arrangements for the week has been sent out on the first day of term.


It is a busy final term for the children at St Bede's - culminating with the Year 6 play on Tuesday 17th July. And not forgetting the trip to Lightwater Valley on June 14th - something all Year 6 children look forward to!


The Work of The Apostles – The children will learn that they too are called to be disciples of Jesus. They will understand that the apostles were ordinary people and that just like them, they had strengths and weaknesses. However, on receiving the Holy Spirit they changed as can we. They will learn about the early Christian community and how the apostles preached and were persecuted.

Called to Serve- The children will be made aware of how Jesus set an example on how we should serve and that we should try and be like him. We all have gifts and talents that can be used to serve. We receive gifts from the Holy Spirit in Communion. They will reflect on how they can serve God and think about the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.

Judaism - To support their work in class on Anne Frank the children will be visiting Jewish Living Experience Exhibition at Tullie House on Thursday 17th June. In class we will also learn about the Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur. 




In the first half term the children will  study Anne Frank’s Diary. They will analyse each member of the family as the call up papers arrive. They will write a diary entry as Margot on the day the call up papers arrive – using complex sentences and adverb openers. Once in the annexe they will write a set of instructions on how to survive there. They will write a Haiku poem about one of the occupants of the annexe. Finally they will write a biography of her life.

In the second half term to support their work on Rivers they will study the text “Floodland” by Marcus Sedgwick. They will, through discussion and drama, write in role as various characters from the text.

They will re-write "Little Red Riding Hood" from the point of view of the Wolf after reading similar fairy tales.

There will be a daily 1/2 hour lesson on SPAG - revising all the SPAG covered since September as revision for the SAT exam in May. Children have access to spag.com and can do online tests at home as part of their revision.


The children will continue to do daily 15 minute practice papers for Paper 1 - Arithmetic. We have only a few topics left to cover for the Reasoning Papers:

Measurement- Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit. Covert between miles and kilometres. Recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters. Recognise when it is possible to use formulae for area and volume of shapes. Calculate areas of parallelograms and triangles.

Number,: Algebra- Use simple formulae. Describe linear number sequences. Find pairs of numbers that satisfy an equation with two unknowns.

Number: Ratio- Solve problems involving the relative sizes of 2 quantities where missing values can be found by using integer multiplication and division facts.

Geometry and Statistics Illustrate and name parts of a circle – radius, diameter and circumference and know that diameter is twice radius. Calculate the mean as an average.

The children should continue to extend their classroom learning on Mathletics - aiming to get a minimum of a bronze certificate every week.


 Animals including humans:

Pupils should be taught to:

Describe the changes as humans develop to old age.

Pupils should draw a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans. They should learn about the changes experienced in puberty.

Pupils could work scientifically by researching the gestation periods of other animals and comparing them with humans; by finding out and recording the length and mass of a baby as it grows. 




Rivers – The children will study the components of the water cycle. How rivers erode, transport and deposit materials to produce particular landscape features. They will study The River Eden from source to sea and visit the river in the local area looking at particular features. They will also study the characteristics of a river system in another part of the world – The River Nile.

They will take part in fieldwork organised by the Tullie House following an assembly in school..



The children will learn about the Holocaust through a study of Anne Frank’s DiaryThey will also visit The Military Museum at The Castle as part of their Lest We Forget 2018 workshops. They will find out what it was like to be a WW1 soldier and visit the Remembrance100 Open Art Exhibition. They will also be able to see the touring Weeping Window of poppies at the castle.


The children will get a Kwik Cricket coach and build on their skills from Year 5. They will also play Tri Golf and rounders. Following their SATS they will have 6 weeks of swimming lessons. Tanya Coady, a qualified yoga teacher will be in after half term to give the children a weekly yoga lesson - this will improve the children's flexibility and core strength - key areas of strength for all sports.


We will study The Holocaust and its impact on European Jews. They will learn about the terms scapegoat and propaganda. This will support their learning on British Values.


The children will copy and paste pictures from the internet onto a word document. They will learn how to use a search engine. They will learn how to use the internet safely.