St Bede's School Council

At St Bede’s RC Primary School pupils like to have their say. We want our students to learn to be active and democratic citizens and we do this in a number of ways. School Council provides our young people with a forum to discuss their opinions and thoughts. It allows students to have a voice that is proactive in promoting positive change within the school.

Often our Key Stage 2 reps meet and have an opportunity to voice their opinions and reflect upon half termly class council meetings and ideas put forward. Those views are taken into account and discussed.

Students that join the school council enjoy being part of the decision making process. It gives them a sense of responsibility and pride in their school.

School Council Reps (2022-2023)



Year 6- Chairperson- Vanessa

             Secretary- Lola

             Vice-Chairperson- Molly

Year 5- Chairperson- Olivia

             Secretary- Bogi

             Vice-Chairperson- Riley

Year 4- Chairperson- Bailey

             Secretary- Myles

             Vice-Chairperson- Eden

Year 3- Chairperson- Rowan

             Secretary- Nina

         Vice- Chairperson- Rory

Why did you want to be part of St Bede's School Council?


"I want to try and make a difference." 

"I want to make our school a better place and have the responsibility ."

"I have neat handwriting and I like being part of a team".

"I always try my hardest in everything I do, I want to try and make our school a better place."

"I want to show others that I am sensible... I am good at listening to others."

"I want to help improve the school in my last year at St Bede's."

"I want to try new things and I think I will like the responsibility."

"I have lots of ideas that can help our school."

Sub Committee Teams

Health and Safety Inspectors:

Chosen for Autumn term:

Lola, Riley, Bailey, Nina. 

We have discussed as a council the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We thought creating an eye-catching display in school would be a great way to raise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and help share key messages from Sugar Smart. We have looked at many different ideas and voted for our favourites. It was a split decision. Now, the Health and Safety reps will be choosing the popular parts from each design to create a unique display catered for the children in our school. 


Health and Safety Audit- 

 Each term we will complete a Health and Safety Audit for the school. The data and evidence collected will be fed back to Mrs.McMillan.

E-Safety Monitors:

Chosen for Autumn term:

Molly, Bogi, Myles, Rowan. 


Internet Safety Day 

Relaunch of E-safety boxes. 

Internet safety at St Bede's School.  Be Safe, Be Smart!

We have created some  'SMART' rules for keeping safe online. It is important that every child follows these rules to keep safe online.

  • S is for safety. Don’t give out your personal information to people/places you don’t know.  


  • M is for meet. Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be very dangerous. Always check with an adult you trust.


  • A is for accepting. Accepting emails, files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know can cause problems.


  • R is for reliable. Check information before you believe. Is the person and website telling you the truth?


  • T is for tell. Tell and adult if someone or something makes you feel worried or uncomfortable.


In our school we have E-safety boxes in each Key Stage 2 class. They have been created for children to write down any concerns they have when online, or anything they have been exposed to that has made them feel uncomfortable. Our E-Safety reps will check these boxes often and report anything to Mrs.McMillan.


Youth Climate Change Summit- October 2022. Brunton Park. 

The Year 5 and Year 6 council reps worked very hard creating a presentation on sustainability and safety to deliver at this years Youth Climate Summit. The children used their existing knowledge and research into climate change to help them. The children spent the full day at Brunton Park sharing ideas with other youth groups and schools and have come away with many ideas in which to help our school and local community to become even more sustainable and thought of ways we could help limit our carbon footprint. Well done children!

Our research project into climate change!

Our Year 6 and Year 5 reps have been researching into Climate Change. We spoke about what climate change means to us and shared our existing knowledge. We then paired up to research:

  • Causes
  • Impact
  • Solutions 

Upcoming events: Anti-Bullying Week 14th-18th November 2022. Theme: Reach Out!

School council reps are posing the question: 'What things can we do that week to support Anti-Bullying week? to their class. After the class council meetings are held in each KS2 year group then the school council reps will feedback with ideas to share and discuss. 

Reflecting on the past... Last years agenda...

2020 through to 2021 we have been delivering class council presentations in our class bubbles. We have been discussing current and on going themes in todays society.

March- Videos of our favourite places, try a new app when completing a health and safety audit, think about starting a new sugar smart campaign.

February- We had to put our videos on hold whilst we created our own E-safety presentation to perform in assembly. Our school motto for staying safe online is, BE SAFE, BE SMART! 

December-  We have been having meetings to discuss our favourite areas within our school. We have written them down with reasons why, we are practising them ready to make our own 'our favourite things about St Bede's school video.'

November- We are currently creating our Anti-Bullying assembly this year to perform to the rest of the school in assembly on Friday 15th November. 

October-Created questions for our Governors open day. We also made a planned tour of our school.

September- Introduction, looking at our roles and what our roles require us to do. We chose sub-committess.

May 2019- We have updated our British Values board in our school hall by looking at what responsibilities we have as St Bede's School Council representatives. We realised we cover many aspects of our schools British Values teachings including; democracy, rules of law, mutual respect and personal responsibility and liberty. Therefore we have added some of our recent work on the board for you all to see :)


We have finally completed our new Health and Safety Audit ready for the go ahead. Our Health and Safety reps will complete the audit in the next coming weeks.


We are busy creating new E-safety posters to display in our ICT areas. Our E-safety monitors will select their favourites to show to Mrs.McMillan.


We will be coming up with an agenda for our half termly class council meetings in our next meeting. We have already shared some ideas, stay tuned!