welcome to year 6!

Welcome to the Year 6 homepage! Myself, Mrs Howe, Mrs McMillan and Mrs Rothery would like to welcome the children back to school after the summer break. We have a very busy term ahead of us as the children begin their final year at St Bede's!

 Dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 26th September - Year 6 Class Worship
  • Friday 29th September - McMillan Coffee Morning
  • Monday 9th October to Friday 20th October - Daily swimming @ The Sands Centre
  • Thursday 23rd November - Wheelchair basketball session
  • Thursday 14th December - KS2 Christmas production 

PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday for this half term. Please can children bring PE kits to school on Mondays and leave them in school all week, before taking them home on a Friday.

Homework will continue to be set on Seesaw. We will keep in touch with you via Seesaw, email and text. You can contact us on Seesaw messages. For any extra homework, the children are advised to complete Mathletics activities to achieve their target of 1,000 points per week. It would be fantastic for every child to read at home for 15 minutes per day to develop their reading fluency and comprehension.

Autumn curriculum.


In R.E. this term we will be learning about ‘The Kingdom of God’ and 'Justice'. When learning about ‘The Kingdom of God’, we will deepen our understanding of what a The Kingdom of God is, and learn that everyone is welcome in the Kingdom of God. We will do this by investigating a variety of parables and the miracles. We will discuss the values of the Kingdom of God and consider how we can apply these to our own lives.

When learning about 'Justice', we will delve into what justice and injustice means. We will also investigate key figures in the history of justice such as Martin Luther King and Oscar Romero. During this topic, the children will learn to develop their own opinions on individual topics, and practice expressing their views in a variety of ways.



During our literacy work this term we will be engaging in a variety of written forms such as letter writing, playwriting and diary writing. We will be studying 'The Adventures of Odysseus' by Hugh Lupton in connection to our history topic on Ancient Greece. The children will practice using interesting and imaginative vocabulary to add detail to their descriptions, and will develop their ability to use a variety of grammatical features.

We will carry out spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) lessons three times per week. During these sessions we will revise SPaG topics taught in previous years such as nouns, verbs and adjectives before progressing onto Year 6 topics which include synonyms, antonyms and active vs passive voice.

For homework, children may be asked to complete comprehension questions based on what they are currently reading or practice their current spelling words.


Our numeracy lessons will follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work. In Autumn term we will focus on place value and developing knowledge of numbers up to 10,000,000. The children will practice rounding, comparing and ordering numbers of this size, as well as working with negative numbers. We will then move on to basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Finally, we will develop our knowledge of fractions (simplifying, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing).



Our science topics this term are ‘Electricity' and 'Light'. We will carry out various investigations, including examining how an output (volume, brightness etc.) changes based upon the voltage of cells used in the circuit. We will practice drawing diagrams of circuits, and the children will learn the correct symbols to use for each component of the circuit. The children will develop their ability to work systematically by changing one component within the circuit at a time, and observing/recording the impact which this has on the output.


During the Autumn term our work will focus around Ancient Greece. We examine the climate of modern day Greece as well as investigating the human and physical geography of both Greece and Carlisle. The children will research the construction of Greek city states Athens and Sparta, and engage in a debate around which one they would rather live in and why. We will identify the key features of Greek warfare and draw comparisons to today. 


During the first half-term of Autumn term Year 6 will have two P.E. lessons per week. On a Monday, a coach (Fraser Conn) will teach cricket. On a Thursday, a coach from Carlisle United will teach gymnastics. Please can children bring their P.E. kits in to school on a Monday and leave in school all week before taking home on a Friday.



During the Autumn term we will be thinking about Keeping Safe and Relationships. We will consider; staying safe online, understanding emotional needs, and begin to understand the word, ‘drugs’, the norms and risks, including the law around this term. 

Within our work around relationships, we will consider positive relationships and the meaning around, assertiveness and cooperation, and how these can affect our relationships with others. 

We will take part in Circle time, Relax Kids and use a new resource, called ‘Get Set for Life’. This will help us understand the importance and feelings behind our Wellbeing. 

Art & Design

We will begin by exploring photography as a way to express ideas, and will investigate scale and composition, colour and techniques for adapting finished images. We will use digital media to design and create photographic imagery for a specific design brief.

If you have any questions about Year 6, please feel free to get in touch via Seesaw. Thank you!




Year 6 Yearly Overview










 The Kingdom of God





Exploring the Mass

Jesus, the Messiah


The Transforming Spirit


Called to Serve







Animals including humans

Animals including humans 


All living things


Human and physical study of Greece

Countries and cities of Europe

Latitude and longitude





Ancient Greece



WW2 Evacuees in Cumbria

Anne Frank



E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)

E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)

 E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)



Photography (scale, composition) 



Drawing (Picasso, Kollwitz)




D & T




Textiles (stuffed toys)



Digital World 








Tri Golf


Running for fitness





Keeping safe and relationships


Real Love Rocks


 The Holocaust

The United Nations - peacekeeping 

 Sex education