welcome to year 6!

Welcome to the Year 6 homepage! Myself, Mrs McMillan and Mrs Howe would like to welcome the children back to school after the Christmas holidays. We have a very busy spring term ahead of us!


Dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 7th February – Year 6 Class Worship from 2:45pm

Further dates will be added throughout the term.


PE will be on a Thursday for this half term. Please can children bring PE kits to school on Mondays and leave them in school all week, before taking them home on a Friday.

Homework will continue to be set on Seesaw. We will keep in touch with you via Seesaw, email and text. You can contact us on Seesaw messages. For any extra homework, the children are advised to complete Mathletics activities to achieve their target of 1,000 points per week. It would be fantastic for every child to read at home for 15 minutes per day to develop their reading fluency and comprehension.

During spring term will be using two afternoons per week to practice Maths/SPaG/Reading in preparation for the SATs in May. The children will be split into 4 smaller groups, with each group being assigned an adult to work closely with their group and offer individualised support.

Spring curriculum.


In R.E. this term we will be learning about ‘Exploring the Mass’ and ‘Jesus, the Messiah’. When learning about ‘Exploring the Mass’ we learn about the Penitential Act, the Liturgy of the Word and what happens at the Offertory. We also learn about Consecration and Holy Communion.

When learning about ‘Jesus the Messiah’, we will deepen our understanding of Jesus and the Resurrection, as well as learning about the final journey that Jesus made to Jerusalem and the events of Holy Thursday.



During our literacy work this term we will be studying the novel ‘Carrie’s War’ by Nina Bawden, as well as the accompanying BBC film. The children will have opportunities to read sections of the book, as well as listen to it being read to them by an adult. We will watch sections of the film alongside our reading, and analyse how the novel and the film compare to each other.

Our fiction writing will include writing in role and creating chapters of the book based on the children’s knowledge of the characters. We will also practice formal writing techniques such as formal and informal letter writing.

We will continue to carry out spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) lessons three times per week.

For homework, children may be asked to complete comprehension questions based on what they are currently reading.


Our numeracy lessons will continue to build upon the knowledge gained during Autumn term, following the White Rose Maths scheme of work. We will investigate fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as ratio and algebra. We incorporate activities at the beginning of every maths lesson recap prior learning. We have a strong emphasis on fluency as we progress. Any time on Mathletics at home will be hugely beneficial, particularly practicing the topics recently covered in lessons to develop confidence.



Our science topic this term is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. Our learning will include looking at how living things have changed over time, and how fossils can give us information about living things. We will create our own models of fossilisation using playdough and dog biscuits which I’m sure will be lots of fun! We will also examine how plants and animals have adapted over generations to suit their environments, and will create our own “flanimals” to suit an environment based on the book by Ricky Gervais.

During the Spring term, children will make strong links between History and English.  We will learn about the Second World War in Europe, and why it is a significant part of our History.  We will work towards understanding the causes of World War Two and establish the relationships with World War One.  Children will find out what is meant by the, ‘Phoney war’, and begin a timeline of events involving Neville Chamberlin and Winston Churchill.  In relation to Britain, we will learn about the home front, rationing, digging for victory, ‘make do and mend’, Dad’s Army, the land girls and women’s role during the war and the experiences of evacuee children.  Children will find out about Anne Frank, especially in English this term.  We will include a local study by exploring people’s experiences of evacuation, and taking in evacuees.  We will learn the reasons why evacuation happened in WW2 and where children were sent to live, what children were told to pack and how they prepared for life as an evacuee. Children will find out about the events leading up to, and involved in, the end of the war.


P.E. will be taught by Mrs Francis on a Thursday. This term the children will be learning the skills and strategies involved in dodgeball. Please can children bring PE kits into school on a Monday and leave them in school all week, before taking them home on a Friday.



During the Spring term, we will be thinking about and Relationships and Valuing Difference.

Within our work around relationships, we will think about what contributes to healthy relationships, and how listening to each other’s feelings helps.  We will discuss the term, ‘Bullying’ and what this really means.  We will think about, ‘Cooperation’ and how this can help us build positive relationships with others.

During our unit on Valuing Difference, we will recognise and celebrate difference.  Recognising and reflecting on prejudice-based behaviour, and understanding bystander behaviour will be important in our learning, and we will begin to understand and challenge stereotypes.

We will take part in Circle time, Relax Kids and use our resource, called ‘Get Set for Life’.  This will help us understand the importance and feelings behind our Wellbeing. 

If you have any questions about Year 6, please feel free to get in touch via Seesaw. Thank you!




Year 6 Yearly Overview










 The Kingdom of God





Exploring the Mass

Jesus, the Messiah


The Transforming Spirit


Called to Serve




All living things


Animals including humans

Animals including humans

Evolution and inheritance 




Human and physical study of Greece

Countries and cities of Europe

Latitude and longitude





Ancient Greece



WW2 Evacuees in Cumbria

Anne Frank



E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)

E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)

 E- safety

Cross-curricular work (research, search engines and producing word documents)



Photography (scale, composition) 



Drawing (Picasso, Kollwitz)




D & T




Textiles (stuffed toys)



Digital World 








Tri Golf


Running for fitness





Keeping safe and relationships


Real Love Rocks


 The Holocaust

The United Nations - peacekeeping 

 Sex education