Welcome to the Year 5 homepage where you can find out what is going on in Year 5 this year.


Welcome to the Summer term!



We have a very busy term ahead of us in Year 5 including  a few trips out especially for our Local history project and also for a Habitats project in conjunction with Tullie House and Natural England.

I will be in touch with more details as soon as I have them but the confirmed events are detailed below.


For Summer, our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday and we will have clarinets with Mr Tugwell on a Tuesday. If your child takes a clarinet hope to practise, please ensure this is returned Monday morning. Please be aware that a couple of our dates have changed to a Wednesday - I'll confirm which via text.


We will keep in touch with you via Seesaw, email and text. You can contact us on Seesaw messages.


Homework - Unless otherwise specified will be the reading challenge and Mathletics. The reading challenge is to be brought back into school once completed, there is no fixed timescale for completion although we expect the children to be reading at home daily for approximately 15 minutes.

For Mathletics, the target is to achieve a certificate each week (1,000 points). This runs Monday to Sunday.

Dates for your diary;


  • 20th April - Our first Muddy Boots walk - Group 1 - Thirwall Castle and Walltown Crags

  • 24th - 26th April - Our residential trip to Robinwood activity centre
  • 4th May - First Muddy Boots walk for Group 2 - Thirwall Castle and Walltown Crags
  • 9th May - Arthurian Legends workshop at Tullie House (Packed lunch needed)
  • 11th May - Muddy Boots walk - Group 1 - Dufton Ghyll
  • 12th May - Finglandrigg visit - Habitats project with Sue from Natural England,
  • 18th May - Muddy Boots walk - Group 2 - Dufton Ghyll
  • NSPCC visit in school for safer internet workshop,
  • 23rd May - Visit to Tullie House for habitats project - looking at the mini-beast collections (am) (packed lunch needed)
  • 25th May - Muddy Boots walk - Group 1 - Askham Common
  • 8th June - Muddy Boots walk - Group 2 - Askham Common
  • 29th June - Year 5 visit to Buttermere - Mountains project and joint 'Muddy Boots' walk.
  • 12th July - Summer music Concert.

There will be more dates to add as we confirm other trips and events.



Year 5 

SUMMER Term 2023


Our Literacy learning includes reading for pleasure, comprehension and inference, writing, spelling and grammar work.


We want to instil a love for reading in Year 5.

In our guided reading this term, we will be moving the children through a range of authors and types of stories (genres) from both fiction and non-fiction including poetry. We will think about what the author means and how they use phrases and ideas to give us clues to the character and the plot. We will think about how to read between the lines to deepen our understanding.

The children will all have reading books in class which we will read daily in quiet reading time. We will also take time to share our opinions and reviews of our reading and give each other recommendations.

In addition, we will have the reading challenge books. Please encourage your child to read and enjoy their books and to complete the challenge questions. These should be answered in pencil using full sentences, a full range of punctuation and their best handwriting.

Please encourage your child to read at home, daily if possible.

Also, your child has access to SORA, a free online library and to Read Theory where they can test their comprehension and inference skills.

You can download both apps for free and the children have their login details for both apps. There are many authors to choose from and I would encourage you to spend some time exploring all of the books that are on offer.

In addition, we will continue to run our 'Chatter-books' after-school club but the day has changed to a Monday - Same finish of 4.15pm.


In writing, we will again be following the Talk for Writing approach to writing skills.

We will cover a range of T4W stories where the children learn the model text and then modify this for their own stories.  Ask your child to recount the story including the actions!

Starting off this term, we will be finishing our information texts. This ties in nicely with the work we'll be doing for our project with Natural England and also our science work on animals.

The children will study Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar as set out in the Year 5 expectations with a strong focus on non-fiction writing but also sentence construction.

For homework, the children have their reading challenge books and should read daily. When you hear them read, make sure they are using expression in their voices. This will really help their understanding of the text.



Our numeracy this term builds upon the knowledge the children have built up from previous year groups looking at shape, position, decimals, negative numbers, converting units and finally measuring volume.  As with our previous terms, we will have a strong emphasis on fluency and arithmetic as we progress.

Please encourage your child to go on Mathletics as much as possible. It is a great way to support your leaning and boost your confidence for our maths learning.

Maths homework will be to get a weekly certificate. Their achievements will be shared on Seesaw. I hope all the children will get their GOLD Mathletics certificates and make it onto our school golden mathlete wall of fame!



Our topic this term continues to be 'Local History'. Our first action will be to visit Tullie House to complete the Arthurian Legends workshop.  Then we will look at more modern history and the rise of the 'Cracker Packers', using our Literacy skills for a yummy information text!

If you have any information you could share, pictures or maps of older Carlisle or simply want to share your own experiences of growing up in Carlisle and how it has changed, then we would love to hear from you.



In Science this term are looking at animals and their habitats. This will be in conjunction with Tullie House and Natural England with their 'Once Upon a Planet' exhibition. We will be visiting Finglandrigg Nature reserve (Friday 12th May) to see the ecology and habitats their before creating our own habitats back in St Bede's school. We will then be going to attend a final celebration at Tullie House, showcasing what we have learned and what we have been up to.



We will be learning how to use coding to create challenges and games. The children will also complete this term's E Safety work in conjunction with the NSPCC - A letter detailing the work to be done will be sent out shortly. 

We will also be using our i-pad skills to create information videos for our habitats project including animations.



PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday will be with Mrs Francis and will be after lunch. Our focus this term will be tennis, cricket and orienteering.

The children should come to school in their uniforms and bring their PE kits with them.  Please remember that PE kit is a plain white T shirt and black shorts and trainers.

For outdoor PE, the children may wear blue, black or grey plain joggers and their green school sweatshirt. Long hair must be secured with a bobble and all earrings must be removed.

Please note that multi coloured kit is not appropriate.



In the Summer term we will continue to learn the clarinet. The children have done remarkably well and are enjoying the classes. It is a fabulous opportunity and I would encourage your child to practice at home to get the most out of these lessons. The sessions will again be led by Mr Tugwell. He will also work with the children on music theory and singing skills. 

The children are allowed to take a clarinet home to practise on subject to parental consent. The clarinets must be returned on Monday morning to prepare for the lesson. A letter will be sent home.



Our RE topics are inspirational people and reconciliation.


We will be looking at the teaching of the Catholic Church and seeing how people have lived this teaching and can be an inspiration for us all. We will develop this to think who are the inspirational people now who we can all look up to. This will include looking at The Beatitudes.

Reconciliation is all about forgiveness. Seeing how Jesus teaches us how to forgive others. 


This term our assembly will be on WEDNESDAY 3rd MAY




Finally, if you have any questions about our Year 5 class, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Seesaw messages.