Welcome to Year 1 2023-24

Miss Doran, Miss Devlin, Mrs Queen, Miss Dawson and Miss Chalmers


Key Dates - 

  • Razzmataz Workshop - Thursday 28th September 
  • MacMillan Coffee Morning - Friday 29th September
  • Stocks Wood Forest School Trip - Thursday 19th October 
  • Parents Evenings - 16th, 17th & 18th October 
  • October Half Term - 23rd - 27th October 
  • Year 1 Class Worship - 21st November 
  • KS1 Christmas Production - 12th December 
  • End of school term - 18th December 

General Information

My name is Miss Doran and I am the class teacher for Year 1 here at St Bedes, here is a little bit of information about our class!


Our PE days this half term are Thursdays and Fridays. Please bring your PE kit into school for those days, a white t-shirt and black shorts/leggings and trainers please. 


Reading is super important in Year 1, we ask that you read with your child every night at home. This is such a vital year and lots of progress is made, especially with reading. Reading books are being sent home with those who have a reading folder. If you don't have a reading folder and would like to purchase one then please speak to Mrs Palmer in the office. We send reading books home with a yellow reading record for you to add a comment at home, and aim to change books on a Friday.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: rdoran@stbedes.cumbria.sch.uk or send me a message on seesaw!


English - In our English this term we will be looking at What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. We will be acting out and performing our story as a group and to the class and practising using simple sentences to describe what is happening in the story. We will also look at what nouns and adjectives are and how they help us make our writing really good. We will also look at how the characters feel in the story and write this out in simple sentences. The children will also write their own simple story in a similar style to our class book. We will also be looking at Little Red by Bethan Woollvin. The children will be learning to give their thoughts and ideas on the book and explain why they think this. We will also be learning to use 'because' in our sentences to make them even better! We will also look at writing a newspaper report about what has happened in the story and write some descriptive sentences about the setting in the story. 


Maths - In our Maths this term we will be looking at Place Value (within 10). Children will be able to sort and group objects, count objects to 10 and be able to represent objects to 10. Children will also be able to understand numbers and their words and recognise these, be able to sequence numbers up to 10 and count forwards and backwards from and up to 10. We will also look at what one more or one less of a number and which number in a group is the smallest or greatest. We will also be looking at addition and subtraction (within 10). Children will learn how to use part-whole models and tens frames to use for addition and subtraction. We will also look at our subitising and number bonds to 10 and how these can help us with our problem solving questions. 


Science - In our Science this term we will be looking at The Seasons and Everyday Materials. We will look at the seasons first and children will be able to observe changes across the four seasons and also describe what weather is found in a specific season. They will also learn that depending on the season, the length of the day can vary. We will also look at Everyday Materials and be able to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. We will also be able to identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including: wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. Children will be able to describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials and also be able to compare and group together a variety of materials on the basis of their simple physical properties. 


Geography - In Geography we will be looking at the United Kingdom. We will look at the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and what their capital cities are and the names of the seas that surround them. We will also look at human and physical features and describe and identify some of these in our capital cities. 


History - In History we will be looking at Guy Fawkes. We will look at who Guy Fawkes is and why he is so well known. To also learn about the events that happened in the Gun Powder Plot. Also to be able to understand the significance of the Gun Powder Plot and Bonfire night and how they are both linked. 


Art & DT - In our Art lessons we will be looking at mark making. The children will be able to show a knowledge of the language to describe different marks and lines made. They will also be able to show control when using string and chalk and experiment with a range of mark-making techniques. The children will also be able to colour neatly and carefully and produce a drawing that displays observational skills, experimenting with a range of lines and marks. In our DT lessons we will be looking at Constructing a Windmill. Children will be able to make a suitable windmill design, make a stable structure, make their turbines function appropriately and say what is both good and bad about their windmill and what could be better. 



We follow Read Write Inc scheme, and continue this from Reception. Children read story books in school as part of the programme, and we upload the stories children read in school onto Seesaw each week. This helps them to progress through the book and have a deeper understanding of the words. The reading books that get sent home with children are relevant to their current reading and phonic ability, with a little challenge to build their resilience and determination.

RE in Year 1

“As the first action of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, creation is the first step towards the covenant relationship God seeks with every human being”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

This term the children will learn about the beauty of God’s world and explore and respond to the wonders of creation e.g. the seasons. They will also hear about the story of Creation from Genesis and talk about its meaning. They will be reflecting on the knowledge that God made us because he loves us and develop their understanding that we show God we love him by looking after the world and each other. They will learn that we can spoil God’s creation and that we have a responsibility to look after it, as well as hearing an appropriate part of the story of Noah and the Flood and its message of salvation and hope.

 At home

You could help your children by:

  • Talking about how we can look after the world, e.g. recycling, not dropping litter, conserving energy and how we can care for plants and animals
  • Look at the trees during the autumn season and talk about the different colours. You could collect leaves to make a collage or painting

The children will also learn that God sent the Angel Gabriel with a message to Mary and learn why this is important. They will learn that God asked Mary to be the mother of his son and will have an opportunity to reflect on her response. They will hear about Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth and reflect on the good news. They will begin to reflect on how we can prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus and learn that Mary is our mother in heaven and that she is looking after us.

 At home

You could help your children by:

  • reinforcing why Mary is important for Christians
  • discussing the importance of mothers


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