Welcome to Year Two...

 Swimming begins on Thursday 9th January.

Good morning,

Friday 26th March – last day before the holidays

Good morning. As strange as it may seem this is our last day together before the holidays.

To help your adults I will be sending them lots of ideas for the next two weeks and I hope you will all enjoy spending time together.

9.00am PE with Joe Wicks – I hope you have enjoyed joining in. I think Joe will continue throughout the holidays.


Maths – last fraction lesson of the week – finding a quarter. I have been so impressed by your work on fractions this week.


Phonics – join in the online sessions with Ruth Miskin.

As our holidays are earlier than the rest of the country they should continue next week if you want to join in.


Easter Egg Hunt – I know it is not what we discussed in class but can you find 11 eggs hidden in the picture?


Easter picture/Easter Card – Lexi very kindly gave me a card so your challenge is to make an Easter Card and post a picture to me. I do not have many craft items around the house but will give it a go and will challenge Mrs Abba as well.

You will have the Epic! Books to read and very strangely for Easter I won’t be setting any homework.

If your adult agrees you can definitely have some Green Time this afternoon!


Time Table – Thursday 25th March

Good morning – some fantastic work yesterday and I love when you send me videos of you completing your work.

Today we are going to think about Easter and there is an activity for you to complete. If you cannot access the questions online do not worry, write the answers in your book and then send me a picture.

9.00am PE with Joe Wicks

Reading – I have attached another short reading comprehension as you have all done some super work with the astronaut one.

Phonics – set 2 go to Ruth Miskin on Youtube at 10.00am and set 3 at 10.30am. I think there was a message to say these will now be on for 24 hours so don’t worry if you miss the start time.


Maths – recognising quarters. Look online at the Easter Time video on Espresso and then answer both the activity questions and mine. Try and answer in complete sentences.


I have been so impressed at how much you are all engaging with the work – keep it up.






Wednesday – 25th March

Good morning everyone. Day 3 of home school – hope you are all enjoying it.

This morning

9.00 am PE with Joe Wicks


White Rose Maths Hub – Finding a half.

Remember Phonics at 10.00 am Set 2 and 10.30am Set 3 on Youtube with Ruth Miskin 

Something different for the rest of the day. I know that you are all using the Internet a lot more so with that in mind I have released the Espresso user name and password on SeeSaw and would ask that you watch the Online Safety video and play the games and quiz.


Can you remember doing monitoring the weather with Mrs Glaister – why don’t you set up your own weather diary in your purple book? Or even start your own diary in the great tradition of Samuel Pepys.


Finally, some children have registered with Epic!, please can you all register and give it a go. Reading a book every day is so important.


Time Table – Tuesday 24th March

9.00am Joe Wicks – YouTube Video

Grammar – Re-arrange the sentence words to make it make sense. You can write or stick these in your purple book and send me a photo.

If you have your own work – such as speech games do these with your adult.


On Youtube search for Ruth Miskin. This is the lady behind our school phonics scheme. Sessions will be held daily at set times, please can you ensure you watch your session each day.

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10 am or 12.30pm (Miss Devlin's Group please)

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am or 1.30pm (Mrs Abba’s Phonics Group, my spelling Group can you tune in as well until the Spelling Scheme is released).


White Rose Maths Hub are hosting daily lessons. Today can you access two please – Make Equal Parts and Recognise Half.


I will upload the activities on SeeSaw for you to complete. Watch the video first. Sorry there is two but this only came online during Monday.

I will also add the problem of the day.


Help your adults around the house.

The Story of Noah

At the end of the story of Noah we were told of God’s Promise and that God sent a rainbow as a sign of hope. People are putting rainbows in their windows. I know some of you have done this already but if not make a rainbow today. You could draw it, paint it or even make it out of Lego.

Send me a picture when you are done.


Have a good day!

Hello All,

I am aware that not everyone is able to access SeeSaw and see our daily activities. So that you can all access some work I will also post the daily timetable on the website. When I am a little more organised I will post a weekly timetable.

Please try and read something every day. I will be sending new ideas through the week.

Activities for today

Time Table for Monday 23 March

Year 2


PE with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach on Youtube)

English – Grammar Worksheet – Using if, when, because conjunctions


Maths – Spring Maths Workbook – first page, multiplication colouring

20 minutes of Mathletics



Afternoon – think about who is in your house. If you can access SeeSaw send me a picture (drawn or photo), a video or a description. If you write this in your book send me a photo.


Those who cannot do this write in your purple book. Remember sentences.


I have signed us up to a reading app, Epic! And will send login details through the day.



The Year Two Weather Stars are famous!!!! Science

The Year Two Weather Star's photograph was selected as an Editor's Choice on the BBC Weather Watchers website and was featured live on the BBC's Look North Weather Report.


PE this half term will be swimming on Thursday mornings. Your child will need to bring a swimming costume (no bikinis or long swimming shorts please) , towel, goggles (if necessary) and £1.50 - you do not need to provide armbands. Our other PE session will be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and your child will need black shorts, a plain white t-shirt, a sweatshirt, jogging bottoms, trainers and a spare pair of socks. Please ensure that your child is not wearing jewellery, that long hair is tied back and that all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name on PE days.

Homework is given to the children on Fridays and is collected in on Tuesday mornings. If your child requires additional time to complete work please come and speak to me. Please ensure that your child brings their reading book and library book every day in their folder as we change books on different days throughout the week.

Please can you provide your child with a drinks bottle, filled daily with water and a pair of black plimsolls to wear inside school.

Menus are attached to the weekly newsletter - we ask that completed menus be handed back by Wednesday.


We will continue to ask for £1 snack money. We will collect this in on Wednesdays (along with the £1.50 swimming money) and the money will be used for trips and educational resources.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to come in before or after school to speak to us.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Gibson & Mrs Abba

 Year 2 Yearly Plan






Celebrations and books

Signs & Symbols





The Good News



The Mass

Spread the Word




The Church


Seasonal Changes

Everyday Materials 

Uses of Everyday Materials

Animals including humans

Seasonal Changes

Living things and their Habitats

Seasonal Changes

Living things and their Habitats

Seasonal Changes


Capital Cities

Countries of UK



The United Kingdom

Hot and Cold Places    


Africa - Topic

Comparing Silloth to another seaside location



Remembrance Day

The Great Fire of London 


Travellers – comparing Neil Armstrong with Christopher Columbus


Seaside in the Past

Silloth in the Past – local study


E-Safety Unit


Uses of Technology

E-Safety Unit

Internet Safety Day




E-Safety Unit





Christopher Wren


Drawing Buildings




Van Gogh - Starry Night 




 Ted Harrison - Artist


 D & T

 Joseph’s Coat




 African Instruments

African Food Technology

3D Habitat




























Year Two Autumn Planning


Celebrations and Books

The children will be learning about the Bible and the Gospels. They will learn special stories from the Bible and recount them. They will ask Big Questions about the Gospels and what they mean and why they are important.


The children will find out about and enjoy a range of books by our class author King Smith. 

The children will undertake a range of writing including a thank you letter for all they have enjoyed at Christmas. They will use their skills to write a postcard to say what they have enjoyed on an imaginary trip to London before using persuasive writing to make a travel brochure.

They will recount special celebrations such as their birthday and tales from the gospels.


The children will be studying three topics this term:

Animals (including humans) : the children will be learning about the 7 signs of life (motion, respiration, senses, nutrition, excretion, reproduction and growth) and identifying them in both animals and humans. Children will recognise that humans and animals have off-spring. They will consider the life-cycle of certain animals such as butterflies.

 Seasonal Changes: Observe changes across the four seasons, observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how the day length varies. We will do our won weather forecast.



This term the children will learn to read and write numbers to at least 100, recognise the place value of a two digit number, compare and order numbers up to 100, use <> = signs. Count in steps of 2,3,5 and 10, find 1/10 more or less from a given number, identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line, use place value and number facts to solve problems. Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure height/length in any direction (m/cm) using a ruler, mass (kg/g) using scales and volume (litres/ml). Know that addition can be done in any order and that subtraction cannot, recall and addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently and derive and use related facts up to 100, solve problems with addition and subtraction, add and subtract numbers mentally, using concrete objects and pictorial representations, add three one digit numbers. Recognise and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Identify and describe the properties of 2D/3D shapes, compare and sort common 2D/3D shapes.  Understand multiplication as repeated addition, show that multiplication can be done in any order and division cannot, recall and use multiplication facts for the 2, 5, 10 tables including recognising odd and even numbers. Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement, including movement in a straight line and distinguishing between rotation as a turn and in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three- quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise). Recognise, find, name and write fractions of a length, shape, set of objects or quantity. Recognise and use pounds (£) and pence (p), combine amounts to make a particular value, find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money. Tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times, know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day.


The children will be studying this term:

Explorers - looking at the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, where they explored and what they achieved. They will also look down from space to see the different continents of Earth.



Name, locate and identify characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.

Linked with The Great Fire of London topic the children will find out about modern day London, England’s capital city. They will locate and identify characteristics of London. They will use maps, atlases, aerial photographs and plans to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features. The children will develop geographical vocabulary whilst studying London.

Later in the term, the children will learn about hot and cold climates, where they are located. They will discuss different climates and continents before using their geographic skills to determine where they would like to live.


Sir Christopher Wren: The children will study the architecture of St Paul’s Cathedral which Sir Christopher Wren designed after the cathedral burnt down during The Great Fire of London. They will compare the building to what remains in London today. The children will draw and build their own versions of both buildings. 

Vincent Van Gogh:The children will look at examples of Van Gogh's work and produce a picture in the style of one of his famous works of art.



In Year Two we follow the SCARF (Safety, Care, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship)  PSHE scheme of work. This term we will be working on Friendship and Resilience. 


The children will begin swimming this term at Morton School on Thursday 9th January.  Our other PE session will be on Tuesdays (or Wednesday if there is a worship assembly) where the children will be developing their gymnastic skills to make cityscapes..

Year Two English Overview - Spring Term



Spring 1                                                                                                Spring 2

Contemporary and Classic Poetry




 Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear - Eric Carle

Stories, Fairy Stories, Traditional Tales


Man on the Moon, A Day of the Life of Bob - Simon Bartram

Katie in London - James Mayhew


You Chose - Pippa Goodard and Nick Sharratt



 Holiday brochures



Writing Opportunities                                               


London Postcard - Geography

Holiday brochure - London

Recount of a celebration - RE

 Recount of Gospel stories

Instructions for launching a rocket

Where I would like to Live

Spoken Language


Video clip - London




Presenting a weather forecast