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Congratulations to Liliana who earned her GOLD MATHLETICS CERTIFICATE!!! Well done Liliana :)

Summer 2019


 Welcome back!!

In year 4 this term we will be having a close look at Rainforests.  Where are they and what are they like to live in?  The children will be using this topic to help with a lot of our work in class including examining the work of artist Henri Rousseau and creating Aboriginal dot paintings. It also links with our Science topic on living things and their habitats.



Centred around our topic work, the children will be using their research and non-fiction writing skills to create fact files on the animals and habitats of the Rainforests.  We will be exploring the lives of the people who live there, comparing them to our own.  It gives us lots of opportunities to expand our rich vocabulary through the use of our senses to describe what the forests look like, sound like, feel like and even taste like!  We will also be discussing the use of resources from the forest and preparing arguments for and against.

Our main texts this term will be ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and ‘The Green Ship’ by Quentin Blake. This are both fantastic texts with lots of opportunities for writing, especially letters, poetry and for discussing characters and settings.

In addition to our main topics, we will pay particular attention again to spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG).  This term we will also continue our work with inverted commas and fronted adverbials.



In numeracy this term, we will be reviewing what we have learned so far and practising our skills.  Again this will be done in conjunction with times tables, By the end of Year 4, the children will be expected to know ALL of their times tables up to 12 x 12.  This needs lots of practise so any help you can give them at home would be fantastic. 

Our topics for this term will include decimals, geometry, position and movement, measurements, money and time.

One area the children find tricky is time; reading the time with analogue and digital clocks and 12 and 24 hour times. Anything they can do to practise at home will be a big help for them. What time is tea? When will their favourite TV programmes start and finish, how long does it take to walk to town for example.

Please remember to use Mathletics at home.  All our topics are on there and the children can work away at their own pace and we can review their progress in school.


Our main focus now is on living things and their habitats, which we will link to our topic on the rainforest.  The children will have the chance see where rainforest are and how the different layers of the forest are made up.  We are also planning a trip out to Finlandrigg to see a local habitat and compare this with our tropical work.  We also include food chains and hunt out the main predators in the forest!


This term will start with us finishing our work on Easter where we have been looking at self-discipline and moving onto Pentecost, looking at the topics of New Life, Building bridges, God's people and also taking a look at a different faith which for Year 4 is Sikhism.

In New Life, we look at Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.  God calls us on a mission and we look at the life, journey and letters of St Paul - Where did he go and what messages did he pass on to the people?

We will also be looking at sin and reconciliation in our topic on building bridges.  What is sin?  What is reconciliation?  The children will examine these and make links to their own lives and have the opportunity to share in a Reconciliation Service with Year 3.


In PE we will be doing some cricket and athletics.  We will be outside (weather permitting!!) so please ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor kit for Wednesday and Friday. 

Please note that if the boys are getting changed and playing football at lunchtime they need a separate kit and are not allowed to use their outdoor PE kit. 






KPI's for Numeracy

KPI's for Writing

KPI's for Reading






 Family: People


Belonging: Called

Advent / Christmas - loving:gift



Giving and recieving



Pentecost - New life


Building bridges

God's people





States of matter - Solids, liquids and gases 

States of matter - Solids, liquids and gases 



Living Things and their Habitats

 Living Things and their Habitats



E-Safety Unit

Multi-media - Create a Comic


(Mathletics all year)



E-Safety Unit

Word processsing


E-Safety Unit






+ Relax kids(all year)



Gymnastics / balances