The Catholic life of the school

At St Bede’s RCP School we aim to create a happy, healthy and caring school – a school in which all individuals are valued and respected.

A school where Jesus Christ is at the centre of all that we do and say. 

A school that provides a high quality and inclusive education and encourages everybody to reach their full potential in whatever they attempt.

A school where all of our children feel safe, secure and know how to cope with success and failure.

A school where we encourage our children to become responsible citizens of the future.

As a Catholic school, we seek to develop an ethos whereby the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of all within the school community are supported.

Religion at St Bede’s is not confined to a just a timetabled lesson, but is emcompassed within all of our teaching. Here, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child is addressed through all aspects of the curriculum as well as through the various day-to-day situations and opportunities that arise.

Formal RE is delivered through the scheme The Way the Truth and the Life, which is followed according to the Diocesan guidelines.

The Way the Truth and the Life scheme is implemented from Early Years through to Year 6. Each year is split into 6 topics, one per half term and is organised to coincide with major events in the liturgical year. Each year group studies a different topic.

Developing Our Faith

We will achieve this by:

  • fostering positive relationships
  • treating everyone fairly
  • valuing and encouraging the good things in every person
  • adults being role models
  • participating in high quality collective worship and enriching liturgies
  • celebrating difference through our understanding of other faiths
  • using every opportunity to promote spiritual and moral development
  • following positive class rules and codes of conduct
  • reaching out to the wider community
  • delivering enthusiastically a well resourced, well planned 'The Way, the Truth and the Life' Scheme of Work

Holy Communion 2022

Our Y6 School council took part in Carlisle schools' Remembrance service 



School Masses

Year 1 -Year 6 enjoyed our first school mass in church together for 18 months. The mass continued our work on the season of creation. 

Year 6 mass

Year enjoyed a lovely class mass with Fr Frank about the Kingdom. The children brought things they use to help them keep calm. Fr Frank gave the class a glitter lamp to use in class as a focus for quiet thought.

Year 5 Mass

Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful mass with Fr Frank where they had to share something that was important to them. Fr Frank gave them a wonderful gift of a class dog called Sensei.

Year 4 Mass

Year 4 had a fantastic mass with Fr Frank, we were wearing our colourful clothes and celebrating our differences. Even Fr Frank wore a bright colourful shirt under his vestments.

.Our KS2 choir took part in the joint carol service for the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Class worship assemblies

Year 2 worship assembly about the Trinity

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Year 5 worship assembly part 1 

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Year 4 worship assembly part 1 

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Our KS2 choir reached out to the community and sang Carols at Morton Manor