Early Years Foundation Stage


Welcome to St Bede's Foundation Stage Unit. 

At St Bede’s we are committed to providing high quality Early Years Care and Education. 

Our dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants are always working to achieve the best for all children. 


Thank You to all the parents who attended this half term's Stay and Play session. 

This session we focussed on Maths within the Early Years and the children loved sharing things they do in the provision with their families.

What Our Parents Say:


At St Bede’s the children in the Foundation Stage get the opportunity to play and learn in our Foundation Unit. Within the Unit Nursery and Reception children work together free flowing between our outdoor and indoor provision.

Working in this way allows children to access learning in so many different ways and at a level appropriate for them. There are five members of staff within our unit which means we can facilitate a range of opportunities for your child.

We provide many different areas of continuous provision for the children to work, the provision is structured to support independent learning based on children's interests and next steps in learning. We develop the provision daily and weekly to suit the children's needs and interests.  





Our Continuous Provision

What Ofsted said about our Foundation Stage:


"Good teaching, strong support from teaching assistants and thoughtful use of resources, motivate children to be creative in their learning in the colourful indoor area.”


“children have many opportunities to select their own games and the vibrant and exciting atmosphere reflects the trust and confidence they have in the adults who work with them. “


“Leadership and management are good and ensure that the welfare of each child is at the heart of everything the setting tries to do.”




Ofsted 29th Nov 2011 


Early Years Sports Day Photos. 

We are pleased to be able to offer 30 Hours Nursery Provision for some of our children. please find below information in entitlement and hours we can offer.