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Please check back regularly for any updates on any events or notices from the PTA.


The School Fête was a huge success! Thanks to all those who came and showed their support!

Letters of interest


The PTA held a ‘Bedtime Stories’ event on Tuesday 19th November.  We had more than 50 children dressed up in their pyjamas and onesies, with their cuddly toys, staying for an hour after school to listen to stories read by parent and staff volunteers.  Every child that came took a free goody bag away with a book, bookmark, pencil and puzzles to enjoy at home.  It was fantastic to see so many children joining in, we all enjoyed some great stories together and some lovely biscuits too! Thank you to everyone who came to Bedtime Stories and to all those that volunteered to read and provide the drinks and biscuits. 

Governor's Information

In October the Governors sent out a questionnaire re: the school. Below is a collated list of all the answers:-