PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

A guide to Health and Wellbeing at St Bede's School.


St Bede's R.C. School is now 'SugarSmart.' 

  • We aim to raise awareness and importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle to all children.
  • School Council reps will be giving house points for those who are spotted being healthy and active.


Exciting News!!! We have recently introduced our new scheme of work for the whole school. Our scheme is called SCARF. SCARF is a progressive PSHE and Wellbeing programme. 






SCARF also ensures RSE ‘relationship education,’ internet safety, staying safe online, safeguarding, mindfulness and British values are taught to our children.

PSHE Curriculum

Whole school themes

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Children will be learning about:


  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Emotions
  • Raising self confidence and awareness


Children will learn to:


  •  Initiate conversations and pay attention to what others say.
  •  To develop their confidence and talk about their own ideas, opinions and interests.
  •  That their actions have an effect on the feelings of others.
  •  To understand different emotions and what causes us to feel like this.
  •  Begin to be able to negotiate with others and solve problems.
  • Expressing emotions through movements and dance.


 Lots of cross-curricular links and focused discussion times. Worship and whole class mass.

Children will be learning about:


Autumn- Health and Wellbeing- personal development


Spring- Relationships- behaviour and the choices we make


Summer- Living in the wider world- welfare


Lots of cross-curricular links and focused discussion times. Worship and whole class mass.  

 St. Bede's School records all PSHE work into class sketch books which is an effective way of collecting and displaying the work that the children cover in our PSHE curriculum. Our sketch books can also be used with the children in lessons as a resource. These books include photographs, data collection, written group work, illustrations and collected resources.


Keep your eyes open for regular updates from our new PSHE programme and examples of work covered in termly topics for each class.

School Council

For more information on latest school council news please click on 'School Council' located in the 'Our School' tab above.



Please watch our e-safety awareness video. 

Playground Leaders

 For pictures and more information on our playground leaders please click on 'Playground Leaders' located in the 'Our School'tab above.


Key Stage 2 children have been trained by Vanessa Foster to become independent and enthusiastic playground leaders. Their training has enabled them to lead younger pupils in structured, fun games at playtimes that they are planning and organising themselves. The playground leaders have been taught skills such as;

  • communication
  • fair play
  • organisation of groups/teams
  • STEP principle (space, task, equipment, people) 

We hope that this project will have positive impacts with behaviour at playtimes because children will be actively engaged in activity, the leader's confidence and self esteem and the relationships amongst year groups in our school.


See our pupils training pack here...

Children will be rewarded with certificates throughout the school year dependent on their hours of successful playground leader duties.

Playground leaders will have their own resource box with a range of sports equipment. We have used our Sainsbury's Sports for Schools vouchers in order to replace some of our old sports equipment. We are continuing to collect Sainsbury's vouchers.