Welcome to Year 3 at St. Bede's School.  Thank you for visiting our Class Web Page. We hope you enjoy sharing our news.

Year 3 News


The children all drew a portrait of themselves and then used pastel crayons to colour.  They produced some lovely Art work for our classroom wall.

Year 3 Class Council

 Year 3 have enjoyed finding out about the School Council this week.  We discussed the role of our Class Council, and we have voted for representatives for this year.  They are now looking forward to beginning their journey as part of the School Council.

PE Lessons

Each Friday this half term, a coach from Carlisle United will be teaching us 'Attacking and Defending.' The children have really enjoyed their first lessons where they played 'Stuck in the Mud' in different ways, exploring strategies to help them keep away from the team who were 'It!'  They were getting very good at tricking opponents with 'Double Moves.'

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 are settling in well to Key Stage 2 after the summer holiday.  There are lots of changes to get used to, the main ones being, a new playground, a different part of the school, new teachers and a later lunch.....but it is all exciting!